[Tutor] Addressing a variable whose name is the value of a string

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Mon Apr 9 01:55:40 CEST 2007

Andreas Pfrengle wrote:
> Bob Gailer wrote:

>>> Now I want to change the value of x, but address it via var. 
>> exec is the statement for doing this, but the need to do this can 
>> always be met better by using a dictionary instead of global variables.
> Thanks Bob, the 'exec' saved me. But I'm not sure how I could solve my 
> specific problem with a dict, since my 'var' variable is a string I'm 
> getting from a database-field, that refers to the name of another field, 
> which should be changed. So I see no other way than resolving the string 
> in some instance - or is there?

It sounds like your database value is the one that should be stored in a 
dictionary, or as an attribute of a class instance (which can be changed 
with setattr()).


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