[Tutor] screen scraping web-based email

James Cunningham jameshcunningham at uky.edu
Wed Apr 18 17:54:47 CEST 2007

Hello. I've been playing with Python for a while, and even have some
small scripts in my employ, but I have a bit of a problem and I'm not
sure how to proceed.

I'm starting graduate school (econ!) in the Fall; the school I'll be
attending uses Lotus for email and allows neither forwarding nor
POP/IMAP access. This is - for many, many reasons - *quite*
unacceptable to me.

I'd like to write a daemon that logs into the text-based web client
every so often, scrapes for new email, and uses smtplib to send that
email to another email address. But I really don't know how I'd go
about logging in and staying logged in without a browser.

Hints are appreciated. Am I wrong-headed about this? Any other options
available to me?

(I know I could do it with a torturous combination of applescript and
python ... but I'd like to avoid that, plus I'd like something
remotely portable.)

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