[Tutor] How to program to python the right way?

Adam Pridgen atpridgen at mail.utexas.edu
Sat Apr 21 20:24:18 CEST 2007

I guess the problem I am trying to quell really revolves around style
and the proper way to do application programming with Python.  So one
of the things I found out the hard way about is classes.

I started of programming my Python Classes using the old style,
because I did not understand how the process works when a class is

class Foo:
    string = ""
    int = 0

On 4/21/07, Kent Johnson <kent37 at tds.net> wrote:
> Adam Pridgen wrote:
> > Hello everyone,
> >
> > I have pretty much finished hacking on my Thesis and I have come to
> > the conclusion,
> > I really do not know how to use Python to it "full" extent.  Some of
> > the things I have really messed up in my implementation are
> > serialization (specifically sub-classes), classes, and instantiating
> > them the "correct" way, and there are some things I have not tried,
> > but I would like to like contained execution and thread management.
> > Are there any books (with examples) out there that show some of these
> > techniques and explain the gotchas that come with the package.  Thanks
> > in advance.
> I think the Python Cookbook is an excellent book for learning idiomatic
> Python.
> Your question is pretty vague, can you ask a more specific question
> about an area where you are having trouble?
> Kent

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