[Tutor] IDE / development environment

Angela K. Foughty akfoughty at att.net
Sun Apr 22 16:31:28 CEST 2007

Hey, you know what?  Whether someone replies to the list address or your 
address, it's still going to end up in your mailbox, so chill out.  It's 
a simple matter to change the list preferences to make the list address 
the reply-to address.  If the list owner won't do that, your beef is 
with him and not with people who reply to posts, and meanwhile, I'm 
tired of getting your complaints in MY mailbox.


Rikard Bosnjakovic wrote:
> On 4/22/07, Jia Lu <roka100 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> SPE under Linux
>> PyScripter under windows
> Stop replying to my mailbox.

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