[Tutor] Textual Captchas: Would like to show that bots can crack a simple text captcha

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Wed Aug 1 16:33:32 CEST 2007

Kyle Brooks wrote:
> Hi.
> Please look up captcha... I did not mean capture.
> Your response is hilarious, frankly, but not appropriate for this list :-)

Oh, all of a sudden we are not allowed to go OT or have fun here? Who 
died and made you the moderator? ;-)

A bit more on track to actually answering your question...

ISTM making your own web site with a text captcha and then cracking it 
is not a very impressive demonstration.

Hoping that you are not actually a spammer looking for help on cracking 
sites with text captchas, I'll point you to

urllib2 - to fetch the content of a web page 

BeautifulSoup - to parse the content of a web page

eval() - to evaluate expressions

safe eval - so eval can't erase your hard disk


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