[Tutor] Which GUI?

scott slewin at rogers.com
Thu Aug 2 18:48:05 CEST 2007

Terry Carroll wrote:
> I'm an avid user of my local public library, and if you're not sure you
> want to shell out the bucks for it (and assuming you're in the US), I'd
> suggest you do what I did: try to borrow a copy through your library.  My
> library did not have it, but could get it for me on inter-library loan
> from another local library.  http://www.worldcat.org/ shows that there are
> 121 library copies in the U.S., so give it a shot.
I'm a Canadian and I don't Live in a City; I live in a town.  My local 
library is not bad for most subjects, but its programming section is 
fairly nasty.  Not many books and most of the few books they have are 

We do have a inter-library exchange here as well, but I have never used 
it and don't know much about it.  I'll take a trip to the library 
sometime to ask.

Your friend,

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