[Tutor] os.path.exists(path) returns false when the path actually exists!

Tiger12506 keridee at jayco.net
Thu Aug 2 23:50:26 CEST 2007

>> Granted, all of these are just visual sugar and are completely worthless.
>> But they have provided Microsoft with much money because more useless 
>> people
>> can use computers. It is because these people do not wish to learn, do 
>> not
>> have the capacity, or just plain would rather pay through their teeth. 
>> They
>> would rather have Microsoft make obfuscate things, to make it "easier" 
>> for
>> them, than to try to understand themselves.
>> JS
> Why are you making out people and Microsoft in such a negative way?
> Also, how is it "harder" for them when things like file extensions are
> obfuscated?

They would rather have Microsoft obfuscate things, to make it "easier" for 
*the people* not Microsoft.
Why am I being negative about it? Very simply:

The necessary code and provisions it takes to implement UI devices like 
Hiding file extensions is a waste of space, time, resources, and too many 
other things to count. Windows Vista is the newest OS out from Microsoft. 
One look at the size of the installation should be enough to tell anyone 
that enough is enough.

Another problem I have with Windows is the paradigm "There are only 500,000 
ways to do it." For example, you can change network adapter configuration by 
going to Control Panel, by using the SysTray icon, by using the StartMenu 
shortcut, by navigating to the program itself, by using Device Manager, add 
especially dangerous - indirectly by using the network setup wizard, etc. 
All of these routes waste space, and only provide minimal advantage, but 
manage to provide serious breaches of understanding. I know I am not the 
only one who has tried to find why a network adapter doesn't work, only to 
find that an important setting was comprimised when running one of the handy 
"It does everything!" UIs.

I don't know if you are one of those people that loves those all-in-one 
screwdrivers, but I find that pieces of them get lost, they are bulky, and 
when it comes right down to it, all I want to do is use the simple, light, 
and specialised screwdrivers. Why? Because they are faster, stronger, and 
more stable. Is that good enough?

Why am I upset with people? Because they want "ease of use", I must buy 
bigger hard drives, and more ram. Because Microsoft has determined that 
media is more important to the mass population than performance, I have to 
fight to get my Windows installation to stop initiating the time-consuming 
Autoplay feature, or I have to jump through hoops to cut off the Windows 
Messenger just because I don't want to use it. Or I have to search through 
numerous wizards and settings to try to find where I can shut-up Windows 
Update. Yes, maybe I want it to update, but I don't want it to bother me! I 
have work to do. No I don't need "troubleshooting help". Give me a damn RFC. 
No, there is no big massive error, I just need to find where my program is 
using an invalid pointer. Why can't these changes be something useful? A 
great example. Such and such module is linked to missing export such and 
such. Okay. But you are preventing me from using the program! The Windows 
Loader provides API addresses at load time anyway, so why isn't there an 
option to redirect the API? It would take a hell of a lot less resource 
space than implementing some of the visual junk that makes "managing media" 
"so easy".

I apologize for my bringing up these beliefs on this list. They are better 
placed in a blog somewhere, or more efficiently, in a zip file of ASCII text 
as small and as neat as possible.


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