[Tutor] Ingenious script (IMO)

Tiger12506 keridee at jayco.net
Tue Aug 7 05:38:52 CEST 2007

> The modern way seems to be to look at the change amount given by the
> cash register and count that out starting with dollars...
So true... tsk tsk.

That's because the teenagers that give you the change do not know how to 
count it back. What a great idea to write a program that can show them how! 
Or perhaps the excuse is more the truth - it's faster to throw the change at 
you. I know that many old-timers would be very impressed to have their 
change counted back to them. (It's required sometimes-my father told stories 
of a blind man that knew how much money he had and where in his wallet it 
was by how the cashier counted it back).

I imagine that however exactly it is phrased when you count back change is 
dialectual. Some people do it some way, some do it other ways. In my part of 
the US, the "proper" way is:

Say "5.77"
"3 makes 80"
"20 makes 6"
"and four makes 10 dollars"
"Have a nice day"

While handing out the described amount at each line break. Sometimes, 
especially in important applications, like in a bank, they will count and 
hand the bills out to you individually - i.e. "and one, two, three, four 
makes 10 dollars"
Of course, the "have a nice day" is optional, but it makes a nice touch ;-)
Among the elders, it is considered very courteous to count back the change, 
but so often this is not the case that it is no longer considered rude to 
skip the counting...

Anyway, the python part of this discussion is to point out that the method 
varies, so it would be even more of a challenge to provide options for how 
the change should be counted.


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