[Tutor] Checking for custom error codes

wormwood_3 wormwood_3 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 7 17:48:28 CEST 2007

>>Probably you need to import NoSuchDomain from rwhois:
>>from rwhois import WhoisRecord, NoSuchDomain
>>then use
>>   except NoSuchDomain:

That sounds right, I will give it a shot soon.

>>In general, when you ask a question here, "I tried X and it did not 
>>work" is not very informative and makes it difficult to give a good 
>>answer. It is very helpful to show the actual code you tried and the 
>>actual error message, including the full traceback. The error message 
>>and traceback include a lot of very helpful information; including them 
>>will greatly improve your chance of a correct answer.

Sorry about that, I knew the code would be helpful, that's why I linked to my blog post that included the full code. 

I will post the traceback tonight when I can run it.

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