[Tutor] Losing the expressivenessofC'sfor-statement?/RESENDwith example

Tiger12506 keridee at jayco.net
Fri Aug 10 23:02:15 CEST 2007

It seems this is a delightful exchange of rude threats and insults. ;-)

My question is: If you love C syntax so much, why don't you program in C and 
leave us python people alone?

And also: It is not the responsibility of the docs to ease the way for C 
programmers. That is what a specific tutorial is for. The docs are there for 
the sole purpose of teaching you how to program in python. That is - how you 
*think* in python. The reason for loops are not the same in python as they 
are in C is because they are not the same language. You are supposed to 
write things differently in python than in C (because they are different 
languages), and the fact that you don't seem capable of doing that tells me 
that *you* sir are inferior, not python's for. I certainly would not expect 
to go to Spain, tell them their language is inferior, and then ask them to 
make concessions for English speakers.


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