[Tutor] LosingtheexpressivenessofC'sfor-statement?/RESENDwithexample

R. Alan Monroe amonroe at columbus.rr.com
Sat Aug 11 15:24:10 CEST 2007

> "Noufal Ibrahim" <noufal at airtelbroadband.in> wrote

>> I think such treatment of the various python constructs should be
>> reserved for documents like say, "Python for C programmers"(

> Actually that's not a bad idea, except I'm not sure such convertion
> courses exist?

> But it would be useful to have a set of concise crib sheets for
> the most common conversion languages, say:

> Java, Perl, C/C++, Visual Basic and Unix shell
> (and maybe Mathematica and Lisp).

> Now those would be sensible places to document how to 'translate'
> common language idioms into Python and point out the Pythonic
> alternative idioms.

> Does anyone know of any good starting points? If there were a standard
> format it might be quite a nice "cottage industry" section of the 
> python
> web site that could grow as people added new guides... In fact it 
> could
> be a Topic Guide section to itself...




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