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> > Having heard
> > the recommendations on books for beginners i have ordered the book "Core
> > Python Programming" by Wesley Chun, so comparing those two books which one
> > is more suitable  (recommended) for a beginner to both python and
> > programming?

if you are new to programming, then perhaps Core Python isn't the best
book for you.  the target audience is for those who already know how
to program but want to learn Python as quickly and as in-depth as
possible.  this is not to say that you cannot benefit from the book as
a newbie, but that it just isn't written directly for you.

if you are a pure beginner, then:

- alan's materials work great (the book is somewhat out-of-date but
the tutorial is contemporary):

- "how to think like a computer scientist" is also a good choice

- if you have to have a book, then i've heard good things about
dawson's "absolute beginner" book:

- magnus hetland has TWO online tutorials... the 'instant python' one
is more for programmers but for newbies, you should read the 'instant
hacking' one:

the zelle book is mainly for an undergraduate introduction to computer
science, so if you want to learn programming but not get the "science"
part of it yet, then you also need to look elsewhere.  i suspect this
(the CS part) is what begins in chapter 3. :-)

> I think your local library is a great idea for checking out programming
> books! Also, look into the Inter-library loan system for books that might
> not be in your library branch. Most libraries can borrow books for you
> from another branch within the system, or even from out-of-state.

i second this recommendation.

> Another resource is the local used-book stores. $40-$50 programming
> books for $4-$5. They may have some highlighting or underlining,
> but that doesn't usually make the content suffer. Often they'll
> have the CD or floppy disk in the back cover.

you can also check out http://half.com as well as eBay for popular books.

hope this helps!
-- wesley
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