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Khamid Nurdiev khamid.nurdiev at gmail.com
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I guess i will start out with your tutorial, hope it won't get as difficult
as the previous one :-)


On 8/14/07, Alan Gauld <alan.gauld at btinternet.com> wrote:
> "Khamid Nurdiev" <khamid.nurdiev at gmail.com> wrote
> > This book by M. Zelle is getting really difficult shortly
> > after that section
> I can't comment on the specific book but unfortunately its
> a common phenomenon that "beginner" books start of easy
> then suddenly get much harder. This is partly because it is
> very hard for an experienced programmer to think like a true
> beginner, there is just so much we take for granted as obvious.
> > the recommendations on books for beginners i have ordered the book
> > "Core
> > Python Programming" by Wesley Chun, so comparing those two books
> > which one
> > is more suitable  (recommended) for a beginner to both python and
> > programming?
> Wes' book is a very good book on Python, personally I think it might
> be quite fast paced and detailed for a beginner to programming but
> there are plenty tutorials on the web for that, including mine! :-)
> > Here in our local library, the first edition of "Core python
> > programming"
> > is available so i guess i will use it till I receive the second
> > edition, ...
> > . Is there much difference between the first and second editions?
> In the detauil yes but not in the fundamental principles. Especially
> the early chapters seem pretty similar. Mind you I've only looked
> at the second edition in depth, I've only seen the first edition in
> book
> stores...
> > also one more book, i haven't ordered it yet, is the "Python from
> > novice to
> > professional" by Magnus Lie Hetland, is it worth ordering and
> > studying for a
> > complete noob?
> No idea but you really don't want too many introductory texts,
> you will rarely look at them once you learn how to program.
> (Wes' book is a good exception since he has a lot of "under the
> covers"
> stuff about how python works which even experienced pythonistas can
> use)
> HTH,
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