[Tutor] Python Book Recommendations [Was:[Re: Security]]

Robert H. Haener IV humbolt at comcast.net
Tue Aug 14 17:59:46 CEST 2007

wesley chun wrote: 
>> Another resource is the local used-book stores. $40-$50 programming
>> books for $4-$5. They may have some highlighting or underlining,
>> but that doesn't usually make the content suffer. Often they'll
>> have the CD or floppy disk in the back cover.
> you can also check out http://half.com as well as eBay for popular books.
When I was putting together my "To Buy" list of Python books, I came across an online store with some great prices on new books.  On my list, the discounts were $15 to $20 off of the direct price from the publisher (not counting $3 off Python Pocket Reference); their address is:  http://www.bookpool.com

I have yet to do business with them, but their 6 Month Rating on Reseller Ratings is 10/10 and their Lifetime Rating is 9.02/10.  I feel I should also note that the discounts I mentioned were for the latest edition of each book on my list.


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