[Tutor] Question re Tutor List Etiquette

Eric Brunson brunson at brunson.com
Tue Aug 14 20:38:38 CEST 2007

Dick Moores wrote:
> When sending a reply to a post, to the list, should we also address 
> the reply to the author of the post to which we are replying? 
> (There's gotta be an easier way to say that..) If we do so, then the 
> author gets a duplicate of our reply.
> I've run some statistics (but no more bar graphs ;-) ). My Eudora 
> mailbox for Tutor contains 12,114 emails (I've deleted the duplicates 
> I've received). Of these, 9,424 are replies. Of these replies, 4,338 
> (46%) were addressed ONLY to the list. So 54% WERE also sent to the 
> author being replied to.
> Is there a rule about this? Or should one be made? Or does it matter?
> Replying only to the list takes a bit of trouble. The default 
> behavior seems to be that the "Reply" button addresses the author 
> only and not the list; "Reply to all" addresses both the list, the 
> author, and any others included in the To: or Cc: headers of the post 
> being replied to. Or at least that's how Eudora and Gmail work.
> Ten years ago or so I managed a Majordomo list, and I recall that it 
> was possible for the list manager to configure the list to include a 
> "Reply-To" header. If this would be possible for the admins to do 
> with Tutor -- to include a "Reply-To: tutor at python.org" header in the 
> posts sent out by the list, it would enable us to address a reply 
> only to the list by hitting the "Reply" button.

If you search those 12,114 emails you'll find a discussion of this from 
about 6 weeks ago.  Consensus was split, so the list manager chose to 
leave the policy unchanged.

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