[Tutor] ElementTree - reading large XML files as file handles

jimmy Zhang crackeur at comcast.net
Sun Dec 2 21:40:35 CET 2007

I think you may find vtd-xml (http://vtd-xml.sf.net) useful, it has Java, C and C# version
available. so you may have to do it in a different language other than Java

Dear tutors, 

I use ElementTree for XML works. I have a 1.3GB file
to parse. 

I takes a lot of time to open my input XML file. 

Is that because of my hardware limitation or am I
using a blunt method to load the file.

my computer config:
Pentium(R)4 CPU 2.80GHz
2.79GHz, 0.99GB of RAM

from elementtree import ElementTree
myfile = open('myXML.out','r')

Do you suggest any tip to circumvent the file opening


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