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bob gailer bgailer at alum.rpi.edu
Tue Dec 4 04:05:15 CET 2007

Andrew Critchley wrote:
> I recently downloaded the newer version of python, the 2.5.1 one, and 
> when ever i try to make an input what ever i type into the brackets 
> appears on the next line and when i try to add the next line it 
> carries on from the input,This is what happens:
> I type this down:
> # Area calculation program
> >>>print “Welcome to the Area calculation program”
> >>>print “–––––––––––––”
> >>>print
> >>># Print out the menu:
> >>>print “Please select a shape:”
> >>>print “1  Rectangle”
> >>>print “2  Circle”
> >>># Get the user’s choice:
> shape = input(“>30 “)
> >30 (and then this line appears)
> (here i should type "# Calculate the area:" but it carries on from the 
> above line and when i press enter i encunter an error and it all goes 
> wrong)
> please help me with this problem.
You are running the interpreter. Each line is executed after you enter 
it. You should be typing your program in an editor or IDE
> such as IDLE.
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