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On Dec 5, 2007 10:30 AM, jeff witt <hopebassist at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> i have some questions about programming in general and python,..
> my brother (who is a programmer) guides me to ".net" languages,  and i am
> not too sure why, however, he is getting sick of me pestering him with my
> questions,..
> i like the little i know about python, it seems to be user friendly,
> however, i am not finding clear answers about what it does compared to
> ".net" for example.
>  I really know nothing about programming (which i am sure is obvious) so ANY
> info would be helpful, ...
> here are a few questions that go through my head...
>  how does python get applied to a GUI?

TkInter is Python's "standard" GUI library

> why dont universities teach it? is
> there an online class i can take for it?  training certificates?   is it
> accepted in the world of programming professionally?  ( i am interested in a
> career too, as well as a new hobby),.

Some universities do use Python to teach Computer Science topics.
There are several online tutorials to get you started, for example:
is the 'official' Python tutorial

>   i use linux, and python seems to be everywhere for linux,.. and i read
> that it works on windows too but is it accepted in "those" circles?
> what is pythons strengths and weaknesses, IE. web/Internet, or program
> development, operating system things,...   what would you (or you guys)
> recomend for the first language?  or like my brother says, "just learn
> something and stop asking me questions"

Python is an excellent first programming language.
The Tutor list is for learning Python as a first programming language.
There seem to be an equal number of Tutors who use Linux or Windows.

> if python was released in 1991 how long will it remain a current or a
> applicable language? or i guess i am asking, what is the normal life of a
> programming language before it is obsolete?

That's a good question!

> well, like i mentioned, any help or info would be greatly appreciated,   i
> have been to some of the beginner sites and tried the whole "hello world"
> thing, and i unfortunately realize i am years from actually contributing to
> any open source project,  (especially since i am still struggling with the
> file system in linux [only been using it for 8or9 months])
> God bless you  guys, and thank you for your site and willingness to share
> and help!
> jeff

There are several excellent tutorials and books online for free.
You'll have to check them out and see which ones 'click' for you.
Each person learns stuff differently, and each writer has a different
'style' of writing, so you might find two tutorials that cover the same
things, but you'll like one better than the other.

This is a good place to ask questions!
Happy Programming!
b h a a l u u at g m a i l dot c o m

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