[Tutor] Sleeping it out

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Sun Dec 9 01:37:09 CET 2007

"Ricardo Aráoz" <ricaraoz at gmail.com> wrote

> import time
> L = [i for i in xrange(20)]
> for n, i in enumerate(L) :
>    if n%3 == 0 and n > 0 :
>        print 'waiting 3 seconds'
>        time.sleep(3)
>    print i
> I'm using Py 2.51 and PyAlaMode. It works ok but instead of printing 
> in
> groups of three, it will go through the program but the printing 
> will
> appear all at once at the end of the loop. Is there any way to flush 
> the
> output?

Interestingly, it works perfectly at the command prompt but in
Pythonwin I get a similar but slightly different result to PyAlaMode. 
I get
the digits printed in groups but then I wait 3 seconds before the 
message gets printed!

I assume this is due to how the various IDEs intercept stdout and 
it on the GUI, but interesting that the results are different and both
against expectation.

Alan G 

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