[Tutor] Newbie to Python

Fred P fredp101 at mac.com
Sun Dec 9 05:10:17 CET 2007

Hey everyone,

New to python, but not so scripting.  Have some experience with C++,  
but more experience with LUA, CShell, and other types of scripting  
similar to those.

I want to learn Python, and I have decided I would like my first  
project to be a collection program.

I would like to provide the script the path and filename of a file.

Then provide the script with a destination location.

Then the script would create a series of required directories
then copy the contents of the provided folder into the destination  
location + series of required directories

It doesn't seem to terribly difficult, and I think i could get this  
same functionality done in something other than python, but I would  
love to try and start off with something like this.

Alot of what I need python for is automated maintenance and  
manipulation of files.  Would be nice to start off trying to create  
something useful, and I look forward to seeing how active this list is!

Thanks for your time

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