[Tutor] Python Versions

Luke Paireepinart rabidpoobear at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 09:04:55 CET 2007

Tiger12506 wrote:
> The OP has not specified what his problems specifically are, but "earlylight 
> publishing" described his problem before, and he was not understanding why 
> the >>> prompt was expecting immediate keyboard input when he typed in 
> raw_input(). So a noob cannot figure out why it is advantageous to have a 
> raw_input function that immediately asks for input. He thinks, "why can't I 
> put the input in directly?" That is why putting a program into an edit 
> window is very advantageous.
> I believe it is very likely that raw_input() is the culprit of confusion 
> here. 

Hey Tiger,
your system clock is set incorrectly and your e-mail was flagged as 
being sent 12/12/2008, causing it to appear after an e-mail sent as a 
reply - confusing.
Please remedy this situation ;P

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