[Tutor] Python Versions

Gman gmoonn at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 07:40:32 CET 2007

  Well, I dont feel Igrint, yet I must be. Turns out that Early Light was  
right regarding the command prompt. I had to go back and try a few of the  
exercises again to see if i actually had overlooked something so obvious,  
and it turns out I had! Enclosed is a example of my
ineptitude.I didnt mean to cause a fuss, and this is the first chance I  
have had to get to my mail to send A response. One thing for certain I am  
humbled but all the wiser, all part of learning I suppose. On the brighter  
side maybe you could save this snippet of code and use it as an  
example............. (Friends dont let Friends do  
Yep, that's me the poster boy of dont let this happen to you
IDLE 1.2.1
>>> # Filename: func_param.py
>>> def printMax(a, b):
	if a > b:
		print a, 'is maximum'
		print b, 'is maximum'
printMax(3, 4)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
Whats worse is that this is only one, I muddled through several and still  
didnt catch it.
Anyhow thanks to your team and readers for the help!
Look sure in soup with socks dirty when to put with cracker in boots that  
I on wear to crunch.

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