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No prob about the gender confusion.  :-)  I'd be willing to bet most folks around here are male so it's not unreasonable to assume.  I wasn't offended, just thought I'd share in the interest of accuracy.  Thanks for the kind appology anyway.  Hope I haven't set off a firestorm!
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My apologies for mistaking your gender. Because English does not have 
adequate neutral gender indication, I tend to use the male as such, as
do in Spanish, and perhaps many other languages. At any rate, that's
it's written in the Bible.

I presumed that it was an issue with raw input because not many other
are truly different within the prompt. An extra line is necessary
 within the
prompt after blocks of code such as classes and function declarations.
guess this didn't bother me when I first started learning python
 because I 
got irritated when I hit enter and it didn't do anything, so I hit
again, much more violently. ;-)

My apologies also to you for assuming what was the issue. I have a
 knack for 
knowing just what goes wrong, but there are many occasions where I am

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