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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Sun Dec 16 01:03:32 CET 2007

"2face xzibit" <kuffert_med_hat at hotmail.com> wrote 

> ...f you have any comments on the source code please let me know  

I'll add a few.

> def ChooSe():

Its kind of conventional to have function names start lowercase 
and use uppercase for classes. Not a rule but it helps when 
code includes both to know wwhat the names refer to...

> kN = ('n','N','no','nah')
> if xit in kN:

You could cover more options by just checking for the 
first letter being in 'nN':

if xit[0] in 'nN'

> chartobinary = {
> 'A' : '01000001',
> 'B' : '01000010',
> ...
> '9' : '00111001',

There are usually easier ways to create these kinds of lists
programmatically. Unless you have invented your own encoding 
of  course! - I didn't check...

> def TransLate():
> TransLate() 
> ChooSe()
> ChooSe() 

Calling ChooSe repeatedly like this is not a good idea, 
it could run into the recursion limit. You would be better 
to restructure the code to use a loop.


Alan Gauld
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