[Tutor] Required method to make foo(*Vector(0,0,0)) work.

Tiger12506 keridee at jayco.net
Wed Dec 19 05:08:42 CET 2007

> Sorry I wasn't quite sure how to explain it it's a vector class i've 
> written
> myself.
> I've worked it out now, I was using a vector as part of a quaternion and
> wanted to
> be able to pass a vector or individual numbers so it seemed the easiest 
> way
> to be
> able to use the *sequence syntax. Apparently you have to have to have a
> __getitem__ method for it to work.

Actually I think you can define a __list__ method. Hmmm. A quick python doc 
check shows that I lied. Nevermind. Please disregard this email. Or I 
suppose I could just not send it. But then again, I would have wasted all of 
this time writing this. Gee. What to do? Hmmm.... hmm... I think it's 
getting late. Yeah, I think you have the __getitem__ idea right. 

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