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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Fri Dec 21 21:29:21 CET 2007

"jupiejupe" <smlltlk at jupiterlovejoy.com> wrote

> i am going to set up a network of "zigbee" nodes.
> when a event such as: motion movement or touch awakens node
> i want it's alert to the network to trigger a programmed response.
> what i have to figure out is using a database maybe mysql or

Yes, and you might find it useful to define a Node as a class.

> (cherrypy seems interesting as a http frame (can it send pop3
> or imap? do i need a database if it does?).

Yes it can do pop and imap vuia standard python pop and imap email
modules and no it doesn't need a database for email. Databases just
store data and allow you to retrieve it. (OK some have fancy 
mechanisms too)

> so i believe that the zigbee node's have id already pre-programmed
> so that should not be an issuse.

Sounds like it.

> once the event (i'll need to have a program to take that report? or 
> does the
> database do that already?) has been reported to the database,

You probably want a node object to retrieve the data from the database
and use that to send the email usong the standard python email 

> the node id should trigger an email? (do i need an email client to 
> send that
> or does sockets have some thing to do with that?) that's really all 
> that i
> can think i need which most likey means i am missing the boat.

Sockets are involved bt the email modules should shield you from all 
of that.

> so i figure that i need to study as well as python.
> cherrypy:
>          has a mini sever and database so i can use that instead of 
> mysql?

You could use standard CGI for this but CherryPy might make it easier.

> Twisted mail?
>          do i have to use all of twisted or can i just use to mail 
> part?
> socket?

You definitely don't need Twisted at this stage.
Standard Python email modules should do all you need.

You might want some classes and hence some OOP....

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