[Tutor] How Do I Make Imports Work

james.homme at highmark.com james.homme at highmark.com
Thu Dec 27 14:40:11 CET 2007

I am just starting to learn about making classes, so I wanted to put some
code into a module and use it. I know the code works because when I put it
in the same file that calls it, it does what it's supposed to do. When I
move it into its own file and try to use an import statement to bring it
in, I get errors that say that methods don't exist. I looked at a Windows
tutorial that instructs me to edit my registry. The tutorial seemed to be
talking about the version of Python from python.org. I have ActiveState
Python. I'm OK with editing the registry, but  I'd rather not do it. If I
have to, is there documentation somewhere that helps me work with
ActiveState Python to do this. If I don't have to, where can I find
documentation that helps me make this work?

Thanks lots.


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