[Tutor] Internet Bandwidth Management

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Fri Dec 28 15:14:02 CET 2007

Sewqyne Olpo wrote:
> Hello. I want to restrict internet conncection on windows xp
> machine,sometimes to cut off the connection or to reduce the bandwidth
> .. But I dont know exactly where to start and what to learn. Could you
> give some hints about this?
> Thanks in advance.

Couple of things: this is really a Windows question first,
although I assume you're (implictly) asking: How do I do
this from within Python? So, if you haven't already, start
searching Windows newsgroups and so on to get some pointers
that way and come back to ask for help on implementing things
in Python.

Secondly, the only way I can think of... although I'm sure
there are others... is to fiddle with the Windows ICF: the
Firewall. I think it can be adjusted via WMI and presumably
by other means as well, so you might try including ICF or
Firewall in your search terms if nothing else shows. I'm
afraid I've never actually tried to do it myself, merely
helped someone out a while back with the WMI mechanics of it.


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