[Tutor] Python 2.5 and PHP 5.2.0

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Thank you soooo much gentlemen, you have come to my aid very promptly indeed

I have to say, this is why i love Open Source; For the People, By the



On 2/1/07, Christopher Arndt <chris.arndt at web.de> wrote:
> Luke Paireepinart schrieb:
> > I can think of a roundabout way to do what you want:
> >
> > PHP file returns a form to the client.  when this form is submitted to
> > the py file, all of the data your py script needs is sent in the query
> > string or whatever.
> > the py file does whatever it does, and then inside the html it returns
> > to the client, it includes an instant redirect back to the PHP file with
> > whatever data you want to return.
> The Python script can access the PHP page on the server directly, by
> just making a request to localhost (if the PHP page is on the same
> server). You could use urllib or some higher level HTTP client library
> and pass the data to the PHP page either in a GET or POST request. The
> PHP page looks just like any other web service to the Python script.
> Based on the results from the request, it can then return HTML to the
> client with a redirect to the PHP script, so the user can see the
> updated data, or an error message.
> Chris
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