[Tutor] Get variable values

Danny Yoo dyoo at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Feb 1 17:12:38 CET 2007

On Thu, 1 Feb 2007, Mário Gamito wrote:

> I'm new to Python, so forgive me the lame question.
> I have this code (following my signature) and i'm trying to get the
> value of "content" and insert it into a MySQL database.

Hi Mario,

Wait, wait, before we continue here: did you finally get things working 
from your last question?


That thread was so full of confusion and a mixture of correct and 
incorrect advice that I felt a bit bad about it.

I'd feel better if I knew for certain that you were able to resolve what 
was going on.  Can you summarize the situation now?

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