[Tutor] Can I pause, stop or reset python virtual machine

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Mon Feb 5 09:59:38 CET 2007

"Wong Vincent" <thian_seng at yahoo.com> wrote 

> Hi. Does python provide any API to pause, 
> stop or reset the virtual machine?

Can you explain a little bit more about what you mean?
Are those 3 separate things? If so whjat is the difference 
between stop and pause? Does reset mean restart the 
running script or restart the interpreter? Or do you just 
mean you want to stop and restart the application?

>  Am currently building an application which will run 
> a script file using os.popen().  In order to allow user 
> to run, stop and pause the application, 

So you have an application, A that runs a script B 
using popen. Now, do you want to run,stop and 
pause A or B?

And are A and B both written in Python?

> ...is there any better way of doing it?

Once we have a clearer view of what "it" is we might 
be able to answer. I suspect what you want can be done, 
but I'm just not clear on what exactly you mean.

>  Too, can you please suggest me several hot forum 
> for wxPython? I did sign up for SandBox, but my post 
> has got no reply for +/- 1 week already.

Usually a Sandbox is a play area, you wouldn't expect 
a reply.  There is a wxPython mailing list which is probably 
a better place to ask questions about wxPython. It is very active.
The gmane archive is here:


Alan G.

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