[Tutor] best book?

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Tue Feb 6 03:49:09 CET 2007

Andrew Purdea wrote:
> Hi! what do you guys think that would be the best free book, or tutorial 
> or something to start learning python?
> Something that can also focus on important differences from other 
> languages, and present why some choices made in the design are better 
> then others. Not just present the information, but also make it easyer 
> to understand it ;-)
> I have previous programming knowledge (Pascal/Delphi, C, Java, Assembler)

The official tutorial that comes with Python is a good quick intro for 
programmers. Dive Into Python is available on-line and has much more 
depth. Those and other good resources are listed here:

The Python Cookbook is a good place to learn idiomatic Python. There is 
an on-line version here:

You can also hang out on this list or comp.lang.python, that might be 
the best way to get a sense for what makes Python different.


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