[Tutor] How does this work?

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Wed Feb 7 17:08:31 CET 2007

Tony Cappellini wrote:
>> PS To import a file whose name is in a variable (string), see __import__().
> I've started doing the import instead of exec/eval , but the person
> who wrote the module being called, started using the logging module.
> Now I can't capture the output of the module I'm calling, and display
> it in a GUI. I was using popen() previously and that worked fine,
> until he started using logging

I'm not sure what this question has to do with the previous one. You are 
running an external script using popen() and you want to show stdout in 
your gui? Can you configure the logging in the external script to 
include console output?


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