[Tutor] same output on diferent sys.stdout.encodings

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Thu Feb 8 15:38:46 CET 2007

Paulino wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I have some strings that include special characters, to be displayed in 
> widget labels ( PyQt4 ).
> The output changes in diferent OS's due to diferent sys.stdout encoding
> Not only the labels in the GUI change, but the source file strings are 
> altered when I move from win to linux and vice-versa.
> The solution I found for now was to replace the special characters in 
> the source file string for their representation:
> I replaced "é" (e acute ) by "\xe9" wich correpsond to chr(233) in the 
> cp1252 encoding.
> The character é (e acute) in linux is not recognized in the source file, 
> neither in IDLE nor in Kate
> My win sys.stdout.encoding is cp850 and the linux one is utf-8
> Now I have "d\xe9bito" instead of "débito" (debit in portuguese). By 
> passing the string through unicode with the convinient encoding, I 
> ensure the labels are exibithed the same  in every OS but, this way the 
> code is not very readable.
> Is there a way of solving this, keeping the more readable?

I think the problem you are having is with the source code encoding, not 
sys.stdout.encoding. Probably your editor on linux expects a different 
file encoding than what you are using in Windows. Your windows editor is 
probably using cp1252; perhaps the linux editor expects utf-8.

You need to get the editors to agree on the source code encoding. Then 
put the coding declaration at the top of the file as Michael suggested.


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