[Tutor] Program Control

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Thu Feb 8 17:10:30 CET 2007

kubota2550 at gmail.com wrote:
> Maybe I'm asking the wrong question.  This appears that a module is a 
> external program.  What I've seen on some programs but don't fully 
> understand is something of the sort: def main() and a def  sub() and def 
> add().  It appears that the program has calls to each of these 
> sections.  The term module may be incorrect here.  I would  like to have 
> all of my code in one program but be able to call sections of code and 
> return from them to the main app.  That's where I'm lost.

Then it sounds like you need to learn about functions. The same 
tutorials, different sections.


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