[Tutor] Accessing installed windows software from python

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Tue Feb 13 09:37:15 CET 2007

"Jalil" <jalilsan at gmail.com> wrote

>I was wondering if its possible to go about writing a code to find 
>out  all
> the installed program on a windows machines.  Basically everything 
> under Add
> Remove Programs in the control panel.

I believe thats done by searching the Windows registry.
You can use the Win32 API or the WSH API to do that,
but I don't know which keys you should look under.
Try MSDN...

To access the Win32/WSH API you can use ctypes (now part of the
standard library in 2.5 I think) or Mark Hammond's winall package.


Alan Gauld
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