[Tutor] How to make epydoc behave like doxygen

Hilton Garcia Fernandes hgfernan at lsi.usp.br
Wed Feb 14 18:21:10 CET 2007

Dear all,

unfortunately, i could not make epydoc 2.1 (stable) behave like doxygen, in 
the sense that it could not make it generate function (or method) callgraphs.

The only diagrams i could make it creat e were class inheritance ones. Besides 
that, it transcribed the user-provided documentation available in the source 
code as docstrings. 

An interesting point was that it demanded the Python code to be the 
implementation of a module.

Does anyone know if the alpha version is more doxygen-like? 

All the best,

Hilton Garcia Fernandes
Nucleo de Tecnologias sem Fio (NTSF) -- Wireless Technologies Team
Lab de Sistemas Integraveis Tecnologico (LSI) -- Integrable Systems Lab
Escola Politecnica (Poli) -- Engineering School
Univ S Paulo (USP)
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