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Andre Engels andreengels at gmail.com
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2007/2/15, ALAN GAULD <alan.gauld at btinternet.com>:

>  > realize I sent it to the sender instead of the list,
> > so I send a second message after it.
> So do you find it odd when dealing with normal email
> and you hit reply and it only goes to the sender?

No, because it is sent by the sender to me, not to some list.

 Or do you not use email beyond one to one and list
> membership? Surely you are introducing inconsistent
> behaviour between your private mail and your list mail??

No, in my private mail I hit 'reply' and I reply. In my mailing lists I hit
'reply' and reply.

I seriously cannot fathom why anyone would want a tool
> that makes things operate two differenmt ways, one for
> normal email and one for mailing lists. They all come into
> the same mailbox, I want them all to work the same way!

Well, what is the 'same way'? When I reply, I reply. When I get something
from a person, and reply it goes to that person. When I read something on a
newsgroup and reply, it goes to that newsgroup. When I read something on a
forum and reply, it goes to that forum.

As a matter of interest, what happens if you hit ReplyAll
> on the other style lists? I assume that would work as I
> would expect and send to the list and sender?
> If so how do you send to the sender only?

Change the address by hand. That's hard to do, it's true, but the number of
times I want to reply in person to a message on a list is so low that that's
no problem at all.

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