[Tutor] Convert my .bat and .vbs to .py

Rob Andrews rob.andrews at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 18:42:07 CET 2007

I can confirm it works nicely in Windows. I have a script I use
several times daily to create working directories on a local
workstation by copying over arbitrarily deep directory trees into an
"original files" directory under a root directory named by job number.
The local workstation on which I have python running is a Windows
machine, and it's agnostic about the operating systems of the network
drives from which the data is gathered.

Quite handy and not even a very long program after the try/except
bulletproofing is added.

-Rob A.

On 2/15/07, Eric Walstad <eric at ericwalstad.com> wrote:
> Hey Mark, welcome aboard!
> There are a few different approaches you could take to convert your
> scripts.  If most of your scripts are related to copying/moving files,
> I'd have a look at Python's shutil module.  I think it'll work in both
> Windows and Linux but I don't have a Windows machine handy to test it.

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