[Tutor] control multiple FTP sessions using multiple ip connectionsvia different com ports

ray sa bizag007 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 18 03:16:27 CET 2007

Hi Alan et al
  Many thanks for your time on this.
  I was referring to the client end. 
  An EDGE terminal is a phone that has the capability of connecting to the internet. We use mobile phones to make a voice call that make use of a circuit switched connection. By using a GPRS connection we can use the mobile device to connect to the packet switched domain. You might have heard about making data connection using your phone like GPRS, 3G etc. EDGE is just faster than a GPRS connection and 3G is supposedly faster than GPRS and EDGE. 
  May be I can give you more information about what I am trying to do. So you can understand what I am trying to achieve. Basically, I am trying to decide whether I should change my ADSL fixed solution to a higher speed connection using a mobile solution. Where I live the mobile operator is offering a mobile solution which is cheaper than my fixed solution
.and is faster than my ADSL connection, please read on
  I have my ADSL broadband connection to my service provider that I use to connect to the internet. I have just bought a GPRS/EDGE/3G terminal and wanted to benchmark the speed I am getting by using my mobile device as opposed to my fixed connection.
  My desktop machine is connected to my ADSL provider using a USB modem which is assigned a particular COM port on my machine. Then I have connected my mobile handset also using a USB connection connected to a different COM port.
  Now I have two ip addresses
   ADSL – COM port 4 with ip addres from my ADSL service provider  
   Mobile Handset – COM port 5 with another ip address from my mobile provider
  I have written a script that connects to a ftp server within my home country and downloads a file. But this script uses one of the connections above. There must be away to tell the script and control which connection to use. So I can get to see real time which connection is faster. So I can run the script pointing to one IP address and at the same time run another script using the other connection. 
  I think there must be a method that finds out which connection is connected to which com port and then in my script I need to point towards that connection so my script knows which channel to use when downloading the file.
  I hope this helps sorry for too much text couldn’t really find a simpler way to explain this. 
  Once again I really appreciate the help on this forum...../Ray

Alan Gauld <alan.gauld at btinternet.com> wrote:
"ray sa" wrote 

> I have been successful to write an ftp script that logs 
> into a server and collects files. 

> ...I would like to run multiple ftp sessions using one laptop 
> with two different connections. 

Do you mean you want the server on the laptop accepting 
using two connections or do you mean that you want
the client on the laptop and have different sessions sending 
outgoing requests to the server via two different IP addresses?

If the former its easy, just set up two servers, one on each 
IP address. The port will nbe the same on both, ISTR its port 
21 for ftp?

If you want to specify which IP address you send the 
client request from, I'm afraid I have no idea how you specify 
that. I've only ever used multiple network cards at the server 

> another connection using your EDGE terminal 

As a matter of interest what is an EDGE terminal? 
A new term for me...

> I would like to write a script that controls which ip 
> address to use or with com port to use. 

Until we know which end you mean its hard to hgive more 
specific advice.

Alan G.

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