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Luke Paireepinart rabidpoobear at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 06:48:04 CET 2007

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Original e-mail:

Kirk Bailey wrote:
> ok, here comes some code:
> f1=open(pagename,'r')
> page=f1.readlines()
> f1.close()
> at the end of which, the data is in page, which is a list. But 
> something strange is going on here. all the data is in a single cell! 
> it's a one cell list! Say what?
> Later on, when we try to itenerate the list and do things line by 
> line, it takes the entire thing at one swallow, and this creates some 
> trouble.
> Here's is a link to the entire program.
> http://www.tinylist.org/MW.txt
> this is the reader engine for a wiki to be used in a windows environment.
> Luke Paireepinart wrote:
>> Kirk Bailey wrote:
>>> ok, getting back to python and wikiness, I have a problem, this 
>>> software of mine seems to exibit different behavior under the latest 
>>> edition of python (2.5) than under the version used when I first 
>>> wrote it (2.3).
>>> It loads the page file, but returns it as a list (which is correcft) 
>>> of one element, the entire file is in one cell. Prior, it returned 
>>> each line as an element in the list. this is causing me some 
>>> processing problems, and I am not a happy camper.
>>> I am still getting out the WD-40 and loosening up rusty hinges and 
>>> joints oin my python processing prefrontals, it's been quite a 
>>> while. I cna post the current program to a website if it would help, 
>>> or send it to you off list directly.
>>> The idea is to use MiniWiki in one's windoze laptop as a 
>>> wiki/notebook. Wikinehesa is optimied for freebsd/linux and works 
>>> fine as is.
>>> Discussion on or off list is saught. Constructive criticism will be 
>>> graciously received and thanked.
>> If you could give us a snippet of input data,
>> as well as the function and the 10 or so lines preceding and 
>> following it, that returns a single-element list,
>> we could probably help.  Or better yet, write a new function that's 
>> very simple that just displays the behavior you don't want.
>> It sounds like you have a lot of code, though, and since you know 
>> where the problem is occurring it's easier if you give us an excerpt,
>> the cliffs notes version, if you will, than for one of us to read 
>> through your code.
>> -Luke

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