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Andrew Liimatta Andrew.Liimatta at hsc.utah.edu
Thu Feb 22 19:56:19 CET 2007


I am having a hard time figuring something out.

I have Files that are written in DICOM format.  I want to be able to pull out select elements from the header of these files

I have a dictionary file that contains enteries like this.

dicomdict = {
# meta tags
(0x0002,0x0001):('OB', "FileMetaInformationVersion",             '1', ''),
(0x0002,0x0002):('UI', "MediaStorageSOPClassUID",                '1', ''),
(0x0002,0x0003):('UI', "MediaStorageSOPInstanceUID",             '1', ''),
(0x0002,0x0010):('UI', "TransferSyntaxUID",                      '1', ''),
(0x0002,0x0012):('UI', "ImplementationClassUID",                 '1', ''),
(0x0002,0x0013):('SH', "ImplementationVersionName",              '1', ''),
(0x0002,0x0016):('AE', "SourceApplicationEntityTitle",           '1', ''),
(0x0002,0x0100):('UI', "PrivateInformationCreatorUID",           '1', ''),
(0x0002,0x0102):('OB', "PrivateInformation",                     '1', ''),

I do understand how to use the dictionary file to help parse out the element that I want from the DICOM file.
For example how do I only grab the SourceApplicationEntityTitle from the DICOM header.

Any help would be appreciated.

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