[Tutor] Dictionaries of Tuples of Strings

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Fri Feb 23 22:24:29 CET 2007

Luke Paireepinart wrote:

> That's because you can't make tuples of single values.
> Parenthesis are ways of controlling order of operation.
> They don't create tuples unless there's more than one value.

> Think of it like this:
> a TUple needs TWO elements or more.
> Solution:
> use lists.  They can contain single elements.

Don't know where you got that one from:

t = (1,)
type (t)


In fact, in a certain way, it's the comma which makes the tuple.
Brackets are only needed in some circs to disambiguate (eg in
parameter lists to functions)

t = 1,
type (t)


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