[Tutor] geeks like us and the rest of THEM

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Sat Feb 24 17:45:28 CET 2007

Kirk Bailey wrote:
> OK, my project is to come up with a wiki which is easy to install and 
> use in a windows laptop, to wikify the notebook into a hypernotebook.
> ok, it must be EASY to install. And LEGAL.
> MiniWiki is in python. I can do it in a self extracting installer as 
> there is a nice free pone out there someplace- links please? BUT PYTHON 
> IS ANOTHER MATTER. It needs to have python on the notebook, which is not 
> the case. It aldso needs a small server in the notebook, and I have one 
> in python and another in C++, which alas is not freeware.

You can use py2exe to create an executable that includes Python. You can 
create a single file executable or a directory that can be packaged up 
with InnoSetup or another installer maker.

Python has a simple built-in web server - see SimpleHTTPServer and 
CGIHTTPServer modules. Beyond that there are many freely distributed web 
servers available, CherryPy, Karrigell and Snakelets are all pretty small.

> The hurdle is it must be a legal and simple and almost droolproof 
> solution from soup to nuts.
> the beta solution is working in this laptop NOW. Now how do I turn this 
> into a turnkey solution for THEM?
> We are geeks. But the end result is intended for pointy haired bosses, 
> soccer moms with Avon dealerships, and other regular humans. And as 
> awlays, we must avoid the dread lawyer vampires.

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