[Tutor] Question about profile.run() and decorators

Thane.Frivold at nokia.com Thane.Frivold at nokia.com
Tue Feb 27 02:49:09 CET 2007

To whom it may concern,

	I was directed to this forum... I searched for 'decorator
profile' in the Python tutorial archives, and had no hits, so I hope
this is not a lame question.

	Is there a way to construct a string version (suitable to pass
into profile.run()) from what is available inside a decorator function?
I realize that what I am trying to do could probably be done otherwise,
but this arose out of questions and problems possed in a Python class I
just completed, and I am still trying to find my way around the
language. My 'best' attempt is shown below.

	Also, I have limited myself to a function with only 1 parameter,
but it seems to get even worse if you have 2 or more arguments, since
repr() takes only a single argument.

	BTW, I am using ActiveState Python 2.4.3 on Windows XP.

	Any and all suggestions or solutions welcomed.

	Thank you.


- Thane


import profile

def myProfileDecorator(function):
  def newFunction(obj, *args):
    # This attempt does not seem to give an object expression that can
be used
    #expression = function.__name__ + '(' + repr(obj) + ',' +
repr(*args) + ')'

    # This attempt generates a NameError exception
    expression = function.__name__ + '(' + repr(*args) + ')'

    print 'About to call: profile.run(', expression, ')'
  return newFunction

import random

class Foo:
  def results(x):
    print str(x) + " Done"

x = Foo()

print x.results("Almost")



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