[Tutor] MiniWiki

Kirk Bailey deliberatus at verizon.net
Wed Feb 28 16:09:42 CET 2007

It's a result problem; I do not see the reason it is doing this. AS I do 
not yet understand it, I cannot say where the problem is. Anyone got an 

I am posting musings and rumbling about my project so anyone who is 
interested may offer suggestions, or simply follow along for their own 
interest and amusement. Who knows, maybe someone will spark an idea off 
of it and gain something.

Kent Johnson wrote:
> Kirk Bailey wrote:
>> OK, 1.3.0 is coming along well, and works pretty nice. BUT...
>> It lives inside my laptop, and I want to be able to duck out and go 
>> back to the regular webpages I put into it. Remember, I have a server 
>> in there, tinyweb. So there it is, working well, and I put in a link 
>> to referr back to localhost:
>> http://localhost/index.html
>> And it goes banannas, misprocessing the link construction. BUT, when I 
>> look it over with a normal link:
>> http://www.tinylist.org/
>> It processes fine. hmmm... Not seeing it yet, and I know, it's right 
>> there in front of me- somewhere...
> Is that a question? If so, what do you mean by "it goes banannas, 
> misprocessing the link construction"? Is this a Python problem or a link 
> problem?
> Kent

	-Kirk Bailey
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