[Tutor] XML-RPC data transfers.

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Mon Jan 1 12:00:40 CET 2007

Chris Hengge wrote:
> Going off your thoughts that I'm asking to do something outside the 
> realm of the readers here, is there a better place to ask this kind of 
> oddball stuff? I've looked around and haven't been able to find any 
> support for XML-RPC (might be a good sign to drop it and move to 
> something else?) I'm on the win32 list, and python-list, but I mostly 
> just read those since in my mind most of what I have questions about are 
> noobish things since I'm still trying to get a handle on this language...

There's obviously nothing hard-and-fast about what fits
on this list and what on the main Python or python-win32
lists. There's not even that clear a distinction between
the latter two, and I suspect there's a good overlap of
experts reading two or more lists.

If I were to suggest something as a *very* broad guideline
it would be this: if you're unfamiliar with Python qua *language*,
the tutor list is perhaps the better list to ask; if you're
having problems with a particular library, whether one that
comes with Python or a third-party one, the main list might
get you more answers. Obviously there's a sort of middle
ground where the problems you're having with a library stem
from an unfamiliarity with language concepts...

I'm sure many people like myself keep track of several lists
as far as time and interest allows, so for a given problem
you might find the same level of expertise available to you.
If you were to ask, for example, about using WMI under
Win32 in Python your best bet would be the python-win32
list. But as it happens, that's my area of modest expertise
so as long as I'm watching this list you'd have a reasonable
chance of an answer. But that's only because it does happen
to be my area.

If you haven't already, I'd be inclined to put your
XMLRPC-Image question on the main python list. Why
not? If no-one can help, you're no worse off than
you were!


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