[Tutor] Need help with rewriting script to use Decimal module

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Mon Jan 1 14:37:06 CET 2007

Dick Moores wrote:
> bestFracForMinimumError() is only a small part of a program I wrote 
> long ago, called frac.py 
> (<http://www.rcblue.com/Python/fracForWeb.py>). I'm trying to rewrite 
> it so as to get more precision by using the Decimal module, but am 
> getting nowhere. Errors all over the place. Can some kind and 
> knowledgeable soul show me how?

I don't see where you are actually using the decimal module here, am I 
missing something?

It doesn't help that you cal the argument to your function 'decimal'.

> dec = .345765988765560057657654654

Your Python interpreter probably doesn't have enough precision to 
represent this number directly. Here is what I get:

In [1]: dec = .345765988765560057657654654

In [2]: dec
Out[2]: 0.34576598876556008


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