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LandSurveyor chiselchip at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 1 22:16:34 CET 2007

Oh!...sorry.  My OS is Mandrake 10.1.
Coupla other little 'minor' details I sorta left out.  I had attempted to echo a random string on my command line by surrounding it with [again] the same color-code that works on my CLI prompt line ($PS1).  That was the color coding I had tried to inject into a likely(?) spot in my code script.  i.e., I have sort of approached this is a shell (rather than Python) issue, by trying to invoke an OS command (from inside my script) that-maybe-otherwise works.
BTW, I couldn't get anything to work on the command line either:

... at myprompt$ >>echo \[\e[31;1m\]"See if this goes to color red?"\[\e\0m\]

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>LandSurveyor wrote:
>> I would like to direct a python script to display 'print' strings in various (chosen) colors; for example:
>> print \
>> """
>> color this line blue   # in the printout display-be it screen or hardcopy
>> color this line green  # in the printout display-be it screen or hardcopy
>> """
>> what I tried doing was:
>> import os
>> then the line...<os.system('\[\e[31;1m\]')> just before the print command (I borrowed this formatting from my $PS1 format.
>> Nadda.  Didn't work.  What might I try?
>Uh, I think it's pretty important what operating system you're using here.
>Could you let us know before we try to help further?

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