[Tutor] python dictionaries

Raven Of Night Raven Of Night raistlen117 at msn.com
Sat Jan 6 00:43:56 CET 2007

Hi, there was this two step program I was working on but i can only complete 
the first step.

- - Write a Who's Your Daddy? program that lets the user enter the name of 
the male and produces the name of his father. Allow the user to add, 
replace, and delete father son pairs. The program should also allow the user 
to get a list of all son, fathers, or father son pairs.

I made a dictionary:
family = { "Wane Wilright" : "Dan Wilright",
           "Michal Zheng" : "Tsu Zheng",
           "Art Core" : "Vandalee Core",
           "John Wane" : "Calvin Wane" }

and was able to complete the rest of the program.

Then I was asked to improve the program:
- - Improve the Who's Your Daddy program by adding a choice that lets the 
user enter a name and get back a grandfather. Your program should still use 
one dictionary of son-father pairs. Make sure to include several generatios 
in your dictionary so that a match can be found.

I don't understand, dictionarys only allow two elements so how can you 
include several generations in the dictinoary... could you perhaps put a 
dictinoary inside a dictionary? I don't understand how you would do the 
second part.

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